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Border Limbs


ILF HEX6.5 – H

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The ILF HEX6.5 range of limbs is the latest development in our 12 year research and development program the High Energy eXpress. The project reaches new levels of understanding. The draw-cycle has been designed to place the smoothest section farther out the draw length where it has greater effect on the ergonomic movement of the archer. The limb range covers the three limb lengths short, medium and long but also includes extra short and extra long limbs. Limb butt fittings to suit the Formula risers are also available on request.

Exceptional smooth draw results along with high arrow speeds and added lateral and vertical stability. The HEX6.5 forges an new path in limb technology with its improved recurve roll-over technology.

The HEX6.5-H employs our HyperFlex core a cross linked polymer that has been specifically designed to be dimensionally stable under a range of temperatures out with those likely to be experienced when shooting.  The HEX6.5-H combines all the attributes for consistent repeatable long range archery! In addition the HEX6.5-H incorporates the previous BB1 and BB2 upgrades.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 70 x 10 x 20 cm


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